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Tips to Get Affordable Flights for any Destination

At the time of booking your next trip, Use these simple tips and tricks to book your airline tickets. You can save big on your airfares with the help of these tips.

  • Plan Before Some Time

    To get cheap airfares you have to book your trip in advance. According to travel experts you must have to book an air ticket 60 days before which is the best time to book.

  • Book On Cheapest Days

    The most effective way to book cheap Air tickets is to book on Tuesday midnight. Tuesday midnight are more cheaper than other days.

  • Search flight tickets on mid-weeks or midnights

    Always search on relaxed timings to get cheap airline tickets because traffic on airline and booking sites will be reduce on these timings.

  • Be flexible about your departure and arrival timings

    As we all know flights are less expensive at the non peak timings. Means on popular occasions such as New Year, christmas eves etc. flights prices are too much higher due to popularity. Prices also higher at the time when the arrival and departure timings are close. So, always book your flight tickets on flexible or non peak dates.

  • Avoid too much flight searches

    When you start searching the flight details on different travel search engines frequently then they got idea that you want to book flight tickets and they immediately increases their prices for that particular destination flights. So, Do not search too much while booking flights or use incognito mode to book flights.

  • Read the luggage restrictions

    Always pack your bags with light clothes and do not pack extra bags because it can be more expensive for paying extra for the baggage at the airport.

  • Take a connecting flight

    Choosing a connecting flight rather than direct flight can be cheaper if your travel dates are flexible. However. You might have to wait for some time at the airport but prices of connecting flights will be cheaper.

  • Look For Nearby Airports

    If you found that prices of flights are very high to your city then you can try to look for Nearby Airports which must not be very far from your destination.

  • Book your tickets in advance

    There are lots of airline websites which increases their flights prices after reserving all the seats to make more profit. So, Advance booking is the best option to save money on flights or booking cheap air tickets.

  • Book via OTA

    If you book your flight tickets through an online travel agencies then you can get even more discounts as a cheap flight coupon. As OTA’s has tied up with many airlines companies, they provide great deals and discounts on air tickets for every destination.

  • Check the flight’s deals on different search portals

    Always look for different airlines on multiples portals and compare the prices of all flights options. Do proper research and find out the best deals and offers. For actual prices always choose third party search engine or official airline websites. Sometimes third party search engines offers cheap tickets or great discounts on flight tickets.

Is it Cheaper to Book Airline Tickets via Online Travel Agent?

Why is it cheaper to book airline tickets through a travel agent?

As we all know OTA’s are completely dedicated to travel and also guarantees free risk-booking to their customers. They also provide sightseeing, other adventurous activities package. There are lots of factors affect to book cheap flights which includes flights prices, easy booking, low fare flights tickets etc. OTA can handle these factors easily as they have tied up with all the major airlines and travel companies.

For travelling, the most important thing is prices which decide the quality of your vacation. which is an individual online travel portal provides best deals for airline tickets and also offers services such as easily web- check-in, see your flight status and flight scheduled etc. We are very well aware of these flight booking factors. So that customers can easily avail cheap tickets online for domestic and international flights with us.

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What we provide for Planning your Next Trip

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We dig deeply all the travel websites and compare them which includes major airlines and flight booking sites. So that you do not have to do it yourself and save your time for another activity.

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You can easily look out which flight will suit your pocket and schedule and which flight works best for you.

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How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere?

Plan your research 6 months in advance

Research is a very important part of the booking cheapest airfare. You have to check all the airlines official websites and travel search engines to get the best deals. You have to book 2 months in advance for domestic airfares while on the other hand you have to book cheap international flight tickets before 24 weeks of your trip. Always keep in mind that airfares are fluctuated every day.

Do not buy tickets before 2 weeks of your trip

If you want to book the cheapest flights then we are recommended that don’t book your flight tickets before 15 days of the departure time. It costs you too much and you can lose your whole trip money in the flight tickets. We are advised you to set up and use flight alerts to track the prices of the flights which shows when the flight prices goes up and down. The best tools to track the flight prices is Google Flights which allows you to track the best possible flights and notify you via email about cheap Airline tickets.

Book in Mid-weeks

As we all know, weekends are the most crowded days if you are looking for an airfare. Most of the people book their flights on weekends especially on Sunday. So, it is recommended to book your cheap flight tickets during the weekdays. Generally, Airlines drop their prices on Monday afternoon. To match the competitors prices, Next day means Tuesday all the airlines offers deals and discounts on various flights. So, Best day to book cheap flights is Tuesday as all the airlines drop their prices on Monday afternoon.

Use Google Flight Alerts

To track the flights prices you can use price alerts. Google Flights is one of the best tools to track the airfares of a particular destinations. You can check when the prices of flights are drop and going up. Google flights will notify you via an email notification whether the prices of flights goes down and going to up.

Grab Last minute sale

Sometimes it happens that airlines offers last minute sale as their all of the seats are not filled out or reserved. That’s why they offer cheap airfares and deals on flights. So, You can also look for a last minute sale through which you can save lots of bucks that will be spend on other things such as food, activities etc.

For best deals browse in incognito mode

It is recommended that whenever you look for an airfare online, do it in an incognito mode because your browser save cookies in your system. And when you look again for flights then you will notice a sudden change in the flight prices. Flight prices suddenly goes up as airlines gets a signal that you are looking for flight tickets frequently and then their increases their prices for that particular destination flights.

Book holiday packages

If you want to go for a holiday then it is advised that book a holiday package which includes accommodation, hotels, activities, cheap tickets. Holiday package saves a lot of money. If you booked these services separately then it will be more expensive. There are lots of third party sites which offer bonus, deals and discounts on these packages with the cheap airline tickets.

A red-eye search is a good option

If you are looking for the cheapest airfare then you search last night and early morning flights. Flights which depart late night and arrive early in the morning at the destination have cheap flight rate. Passengers who love to travel late nights can grab this opportunity of saving money. Those users who want to travel to international destination can try this Red-eye search flights.

Avoid Round trips tickets

Some passengers believe that booking a round trip or 2-way tickets will be less costly but it’s a myth! Book your tickets with two separate airlines will be less expensive as you can get deals on both side tickets. You can also book your returning tickets from different websites and grab best deals and discounts.

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As we all know in the festive season all of the airlines offers heavy deals and discounts. These airlines send SMS and emails which includes promo codes, discount coupons, drop in the prices etc. related to deals and offers to get cheap plane tickets online. Aggregator websites also provides cash back, EMI, or coupons on credit cards as they have tie up with the various banks. These offers are available for a limited time period. You will get these great offers on your email after subscribing the newsletters of different airlines websites. So, Subscribe the newsletter of various airlines websites and get heavy discounts on your flight tickets.

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Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets & Airfares - Common questions

What is the best time and day week to buy airline tickets?

According to the internet, the Best day to book to buy airline tickets is Tuesday. Because airlines announce offers and deals on Monday evenings. And Other airlines try to match those deals that’s why they reduce fare prices on Tuesday afternoon. So Tuesday is the best day of the week to buy airline tickets.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?

Fare Compare claims that flight prices go down on Tuesday at 3 p.m. Because when airlines offer any deals it will post on Monday night. To match the price other airline drop their prices and begin their sales on Tuesday. So that customers can book their seat at the lowest price if they make the purchasing on Tuesday. Airlines again pull the prices up on Thursday so you have to book early to get cheaper flights.

How many days before a flight price is the best price to book a flight?

According to research, It founds that Between 51 and 80 days in advance is the best days to buy airline tickets. That means before 51 days you can get the best and cheapest flight prices. Its approx 1.5 months in advance, you have to book your flight tickets to fly cheaper.

Is it cheaper to book last minute flight?

Airlines offer lots of deals to book a number of cheap seats on each flight and when these cheap seats fill out then prices oges high. Airlines know that when people need they book their flights on higher price at the last minute.

Everyone knows this logic that advanced booking is always cheaper. But it’s not necessary every time. You can also book cheap flights in last minute even in peak time such as Christmas or Easter. According to research flight prices is 8pc cheaper before three weeks of departure.

Which airlines provide free cancellation?

These list of airlines offer free cancellation of 24 hours but sometimes it happens that airline may choose to change their preferred option.

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines

How to cancel flights and get a refund?

As said by the U.S. Department of Transportation, You can cancel a non-refundable flight ticket and get a full refund of any flight of united states. You will receive a full refund without cancellation fees or penalties if you booked your ticket before 7 days of your flight and cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking.

After the 24 hour rule, Cancellation charges will vary through which airlines you booked. If you want to cancel your non-refundable ticket after the 24 hours of the booking then you have to pay approx $125 or more cancellation fee.

How can book a cheap international flight online?

  • Visit all flight search engines and find out low fares international flights if you are comfortable with flexible dates.
  • Book your International flight in advance or book at festive season. So that you can get amazing discount if you are regular traveler.
  • Enable the price alerts and subscribe to newletter of various travel portals to compare the prices and get low-cost international airline tickets.

What’s the latest can I cancel my flight?

Yes, you can cancel your tickets if you drop your plan of trvaeling. Whereas its not necessary that you can get refund every time when you cancel your tickets. Cancellation refund depends on various factors like airline company, time of cancellation, date of departure etc.

As per guideline of Directorate of General of Civil Aviation passengers do not have to pay cancellation fees if they cancel their tickets within 24 hours.

But in case of cancellation of tickets 24 hours before the departure timings then it is not possible. if you still want to cancel it then you should have to contact the airline customer support for cancellation.

How to get a boarding pass for an e-ticket?

When you enter at the airport go to the check-in counter and agent will ask you about your passport and eTicket. Show them your passport and eTicket and then they will match your ticket in the airline’s database. If it matches and everything checks out they will issue you a printed boarding pass. This boerding pass enable you to board the plane.

How many seats can be booked at a time?

You can book maximum of 9 seats at a time. If you want to book more than 9 seats then you have to repeat the booking process again for additional passengers.

What are the documents needed for a domestic flight?

Carry these documents before arriving at the airport.

  • Photo ID proof (Adhaar card, Voter card, Driving License)
  • Passport
  • Copy of e-ticket
  • Boarding pass issued at the time of check-in

Is there any discount for senior citizens in flights?

Yes, These are top 5 Airlines which offers discounts for senior citizens.
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

What to do If I don’t know whom I booked my flight with?

To know about the confirmations of your booking you must speak to the travel provider directly. If you did not remember who you booked with then you can follow the below-given steps to know about:

  • Search the email notification of booking confirmation in your inbox.
  • If you didnot find it in your inbox then check it in your junk or spam email folder.
  • If you still did not get your confirmation then check your bank statement which lets you know airline or travel agent’s name next to any charge.

Can I book my flight without a credit card?

Yes, you can book a flight without a credit card. There are many travel search engines who provide various other payment methods such as net banking, debit card, e-wallets etc. and allows you to book a flight.

You can also book your ticket from the particular airline stabled offices ticket counter or via official website of airlines. These airlines accept payments via internet using methods Debit Card and Prepaid Card and also Accepted at Airport Ticket Counter using methods Debit Card, Prepaid Card, Cash, Personal cheque, Money Order, ACH, PayPal.

What if I have left my scheduled flight?

Did you know about the Two-Hour rule?

The Two Hour rule says that if a traveler reports in between 2 hours of their missed flight then airline agent allows them to board the next flight with the same airline without any extra charge. If in case you missed te last flight of the day then you will be able to fly on the first flight the next day.

Do airlines give discounts for seniors?

Not all airline gives discounts to senior citizens but there are some airlines which offer a great discount for senior citizen passengers. Age range will be different for different airlines. Pasangers who are 55 to 65 years old comes in the category of seniors and are elgiible for the discounts.

How to search for the cheapest airfare?

Here are the steps to search for the cheapest airfare:

  • Visit the flight search engine.
  • Enter your departure and arrival of city or country.
  • Select one way or round trip.
  • On a browser, click depart but do not enter the date instead select a whole month.
  • Select the cheapest month to know the cheapest days.
  • Hit search flights to check which date is cheapest.
  • In the mobile app, select the departure date then change the view to chart so, that you can easily find the cheapest date and select it to see the price.

After that Book Flight Tickets for the cheapest date.

Is it a benefit of booking the ticket at last-minute?

As we all know that booking tickets in advance is cheaper. However, if the passenger book last minute tickets, it is also very affordable. The prices of the flight update every single hour and in some cases weeks. Sometimes booking seats last minute is generally cheaper than booking 6 months ahead. 

Sometimes it happens that before a day of take off airline drop their prices to sold their rest of free seats. They offer last minute flight deals to atract their passangers to buy last minute flight tickets and save lot of money.

Which is the best day to buy tickets?

Buying or booking the air-ticket earlier was Tuesday. But as there are more business passengers traveling regularly the best date is now Sunday. looking for a cheaper price?  then book on Sunday which is more than 21 days ahead of your journey.

  • For domestic flights book 2-3 weeks in advance
  • For international flights book 5-6 months in advance

*Buy tickets on Monday night, Saturday, first price drop, or at the last minute (For cheaper tickets).

What is the way to fly free?

We all want to fly free but it takes months to earn free travel. There are lots of free and low cost ways to fly free. Look at the ways:

  • Subscribe for a new Frequent Flyer Credit Card
  • Subscribe for a Non-specific Travel Rewards Card
  • Be Volunteer & Use a Vouchers
  • Use Your Friend/Partner Ticket
  • Complain to airlines with Genuine Reason
  • Shop online via Airline Shopping Portals
  • Do job in an Airline or Make a Friend Who work in an Airline

Is offers air tickets at a good price? is the best online travel agency which offers low airfares for all the customers. With the help of, you can easily book your international or domestic flight at best discounts and also check your online flight status. Our experienced team collaborates with a different network to serve its customers with cheap range flights.

Can I book the flight at the cheapest price?

Yes, it is very easy to book flights at a lower price. Here are the simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Enter the “from and to” destination
  • Select the date of your journey
  • Enter the number of passengers
  • Click on the search button will give you the list of low fares flights.

Can I book tickets for Flexible dates?

Of course, you can book the tickets for different dates. Check our flight calendar for different travel dates and book cheapest price flight available. 

  • Enter your departure and arrival destination,
  • Then enter flexible travel dates and search.
  • Select the flight which suits to your schedule and budget.
  • Enter the accurate passenger details as mentioned in your passport/ID book.
  • Choose your payment method and when payment is done you will get booking confirmation on your email.

Which airlines offers full service in the domestic sector?

Air India, Air vistara and Jet Airways offer full-service airline. These airline known for their offering and they will also rovide a free-meal facility to their passengers.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets from the airport?

No, buying tickets directly from the airport is a very bad idea because of the higher price and you will not get a particular date ticket which you want. If you are at the airport to buy a last minute flgiht ticket then you may find that the ticket prices are much higher than online booking. Conclusively, Buying tickets via airport ticket counter is not a good idea and this is not a place to shop for cheap tickets.  

How can I pay for my bookings?

Airlines offers various payment methods which are listed below:

  • UPI
  • Net banking
  • Credit cards – Visa and master cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Real-time or online bank transfer.
  • Offline bank transfer

How to fill the passenger information correctly while booking?

When booking a flight you have enter these detaila which you will be used to take a flight.

  • Fill the correct name as given on the passport.
  • Check the spelling (travel will not be permitted with incorrect details)
  • First, middle, last for long names
  • Enter the name and date of birth for infants discounts (12 years)
  • Give the passport details, if available
  • Click continue to book the ticket

What are the documents needed for an international flight?

Before travelling to abroad check these essential travel documents you should have:

  • E-tickets/Air Tickets
  • Visa for all the check-in points
  • Passport (6 months validation)
  • Boarding pass issued at the time of check-in
  • Forex card/ Foreign currency
  • Hotel Booking Proof
  • Vaccination certificate (for some countries)

What if I have not received the flight booking confirmation email?

If you did not get the flight booking confirmation email then check your Bulk” or “Spam” folder again in your inbox. And if you find the message then

  • Drag the email to the primary folder.
  • You can also star the email in the Promotions tab

If you still did not receive your flight booking confirmation email then you can contact the customer representative of the airline company.

How to find if my booking is successful?

After completing the payment process you can see confirmation page where booking status shows “Confirmed”. And wthin 30 minutes of completing the payment you will recieve and email confirmation on your email. if you did not get confirmation of your booking then try these options:

1. Check your booking record:

Go to “My Bookings” section on the portal from which you booked. If you can see your email address in My Bookings then check payment has processed successfully. If it shows Payment is Pending then contact your bank.

2. Verify payment has been completed:

If payment has been verified by your bank then you will get an sms and/or email of booking status in 48 hours. If payment has not been verified then wait at least 30 minutes and then refresh ‘My Booking’.

If you still did not get status of your Booking then contact partiluar portal team or airlines.

Why are fares get increased when I attempt to book it?

The airlines prices keep on fluctuating every hour. So there are chances that  before booking a flight the prices will be less and when you confirm your booking the prices sudeenly increased. In this situtation, We suggest you to confirm from the customer care of the portal and particluar airlines before bookings.

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