Cheap Flight Tickets

How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets Possible to Anywhere

The major expense to travel anywhere is Airfare. If your flight is too expensive than probably you aren’t going anywhere. It is better to learn how to book cheap flight tickets so that it can reduce your big travel expense. 

Since airfare is one of the higher cost of a trip.  Finding the hidden cost for cheap flight deals as important as finding the right destination, right tour company, or the right place to stay.

Every day the airlines have thousands of best deals to promote their airlines from mistakenly published fares to slashing prices. To compete with other airlines they have some promotional deals too. The best part of the promotion is cheap fare, but it can only benefit you if you know how to find them.

Nowadays spending too much on flight tickets is really making yourself fool. Earlier it was hard because there was travel agent from them you have to buy the tickets so the costing became higher but now the era is changed and you can easily book flight tickets with an app in your mobile. 

There are some strategy and tips following that you can cut your airfare cost. Things to keep in mind before booking your flight tickets.

Learn how to book cheap flight tickets possible to anywhere.

Day of Booking

The flight ticket prices generally lower during weekdays but increase as the weekend approaches. So, it is quite better to choose weekdays for traveling as it decreases your airfare cost.

Steps to know the cheapest day to fly:

  • Open the flight search engine 
  • Enter your departure and arrival of city or country
  • Select one way
  • On a browser, click depart but do not enter the date instead select a whole month.
  • Select the cheapest month to know the cheapest days.
  • Hit search flights to check which date is cheapest.
  • In the mobile app, select the departure date then change the view to chart so, that you can easily find the cheapest date and select it to see the price.

Time of booking

The tickets should be booked in advance, before 1 to 3 months to get the best prices. As last minute booking increases your airfare cost. but most of the bookings happen less than 30  days of journey, however, it might not be the best time to book tickets.

Search your flight

The flight price changes after searching it few times in a web browser, it is because of cookies in the browser. The flight prices do increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched as the site wants to remind you into booking the flight quickly before fare get higher. It is advisable to search flight for a particular destination in a private or in cognition window to see the lowest price.

Flight search engine

Generally, all flight search engines have inflated ticket costs as part taking a cut from the airlines.there are many search engines for flight ticket booking so the competition is high among them. some of them like Expedia inflate their rate much higher than others.

List of flight search engines where you can search for cheap flights:

  • Skyscanner or mobile app
  • Momondo
  • JetRadar
  • Google flights
  • Air Wander
  • CheapOair

The truth is no single search engine is consistently perfect. You may need to compare the prices at all search engines to get the best result.

Points for free flying

You can fly free with points, the cheapest flight you can book is free. If you don’t have any points, don’t worry you can easily get it by signing up once with a travel rewards credit card and hit the minimum spend. By this, you will get a good point bonus even enough for a free flight ticket.

Search for connecting flights

Connecting flights can decrease the cost of airfare. It is much preferable to fly taking connecting flights rather fly direct, it is another way to get cheap flight tickets. Suppose you are traveling from Canada to Australia which typically involves Canada to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Australia. This is best the person who wants to travel other destination along with their main arrival country.

Search the cheapest place to fly

Find the cheapest possible country to fly into. You can search it on the flight search engines for it. You can simply do these steps to check it: visit their site and enter your departure city or country, then select a date range to fly. The approximate costs appear for hundreds of countries from your departure point. while the list of destinations is sorted by price, now you can choose the most cost-effective place you want to fly.

Book budget airlines

Earlier traveling between continents was too expensive. Now it is no longer true, budget airlines now making it possible to fly around the world with very little money. Some of the airlines like AirAsia offers cheap deals. 

Check the currency to pay

Before booking a flight tickets check the price is cheaper if paid in another currency if yes, than pay in other currency that can save your money. But the budget airlines will make you pay in the currency of a country you are departing from, but this isn’t always the case. 

Book earlier if your dates are confirmed for traveling

Rarely do the airline’s tickets get cheaper if you need to fly on a certain date, budget airlines offer a low cost as a baseline price. You can save much amount from booking far ahead when you can.

Some key points:

  • Use the right flight search engine for searching and booking cheap flight tickets.
  • Try to always search on incognito for consistent pricing
  • Don’t wait for seat sales 
  • Buy flight tickets in bulk
  • Compare costs in different search engines before booking flight tickets
  • Try to get enough points for a free flight

Keep the above-discussed points in your mind while booking and looking for cheap flight tickets. There are some apps like paytm, provide cashback while booking your flight ticket.

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