How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets Possible to Anywhere

How to book cheap flight tickets

Are you planning a trip to somewhere? But did not get cheap airfare for your dream destination. The biggest obstacle to travel somewhere is an Airfare as it costs very high at peak times. Sometimes it happens that you want to go for a trip and due to peak season the flight tickets are so expensive. Then you have to Drop your plan which spoils your mood. But dropping the plan is not the only solution. You can find another way to go for your favorite destination like finding cheap flight tickets. Rather than dropping a plan, it’s better to learn how to book cheap flight tickets possible so that you can enjoy your travel without worrying about your expenses.

As we all know Airfare is the highest expensive part of our trip. So it’s better to find the hidden cost of the flight tickets. It is as important as finding the correct destination, correct travel agent, or a cheap hotel. We know that Airline provides thousands of best deals on air tickets almost every day to promote their airlines. To compete with other airlines they also provide some promotional deals too. The best part of the promotional deals is the cheap air tickets but it can be beneficial if you know the strategy of how to Find Cheap Airline Tickets and book them.

Spending so much time and money on booking airline tickets online is a bad idea and really making yourself fool Now a Days. Earlier booking a flight ticket is so much more difficult and costly because we have to book our tickets via a travel agent. But Over the time technology has been making it easier to book flight tickets with the various travel apps on your mobile. 

Booking a cheap airline ticket is a task and time taking procedure. But by following some strategies and tips you can easily cut your airfare cost and book a low-cost airfare. Just keep in mind these things before buying a flight ticket.

Learn How to Book Cheap Airline Tickets Possible Anywhere

Cheapest Day of Booking

Flight ticket prices are generally lower on weekdays and increases on weekends. So it’s quite better to find and book your travel tickets on weekdays rather than weekends as it decreases your airfare cost.

Steps to Know the cheapest day to fly:

  • Visit any flight search engine (recommended Skyscanner).
  • Enter your departure and arrival city or country.
  • Select One Way.
  • Click Depart to choose a date but rather than choosing a date, choose a whole month.
  • Select the cheapest month to know the cheapest days.
  • Then, Click Search Flights to check which date is the cheapest day.
  • Look out the prices of every day and choose the lowest price.
  • Click on the cheapest date and book the air tickets.
  • For the mobile app, Select the Departure Date then change the view to chart, so that you can easily find the cheapest date and select it to see the price.

Cheapest Time of booking

It is advised to book your plane tickets in advance, before 3 months so that you can get the best prices of your fly tickets. However, most of the tickets booking within 30 days of the flight which is not the best time to book tickets. Last-minute flight booking increases your airfare cost can be a big mistake. So, Book your cheap fly tickets in advance or at least before 1 month.

Search your flight in Incognito Window

When you search for a flight repeatedly for a destination in your web browser then search engines get the idea that you look for a flight and they suddenly increases their flight prices for that destination. It happens due to the cookies saved in your browser. So, it is advised that to search domestic or international flight tickets for a particular destination in the Incognito mode to get the lowest price air flight tickets.

Choose best flight search engine

Usually, Choosing a search engine is a task as there is list of travel search engine available nowadays. There are many search engines which have a higher cost of flight tickets than the airlines. Expedia is one of them which has a higher rate of flight tickets compared to others.

Here is the list of travel search engines via you can find Cheap Flight Tickets:

  • Skyscanner or mobile app
  • Momondo
  • JetRadar
  • Google flights
  • Air Wander
  • CheapOair

The fact is that there is no single search engine is consistently perfect. You have to compare the various travel sites or search engines to get the best result.

Use Rewards for free flying

Did you know you can even fly freely to your favorite destination? But the question is how it can be possible?

Yes, It can be possible with reward points. Again the question arises how to earn reward points? Don’t worry we will let you know. To earn reward points you have to sign up for just one travel rewards credit card and hit the minimum expense. Through this, you will get a major points bonus which is enough for your air ticket. 

You can also sign up for an airline rewards card which helps to earn reward points for that particular airline. There is also a general travel rewards card through which you can redeem points for various airlines and fly free of cost.

Search for connecting flights

Using connecting flights is another way to get cheap airline tickets. Connecting Flights can reduce the cost of airfare and also an option to explore various cities. Let’s Imagine you want to for a trip from Canada to Australia which involves separate flights Canada to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Australia. It can be cheaper to book these two separate flights which have a small time gap. It is advised do not book huge time gap connecting flights. So, Enjoy your cheapest flight by booking connecting flights rather than a direct flight.

Search the cheapest place to fly

If you want to go for a trip then always choose or find the cheapest possible country to fly. Using flight search engines like Kiwi, you can find cheap flights to India and other countries and save big amount of money. Just follow the steps to search for the cheapest place to fly:

  • Visit Kiwi 
  • Enter your Departure city or country
  • Select the date of your trip. 
  • Now you see estimate cost for various cities from your departure city or country.

  • Choose from the list of cost-effective destination which is shown by price.

Book with budget airlines

Budget airlines provide great deals on air tickets or cheap flight tickets. But this offer has some pitfalls and you have to compromise with your legroom, no “free” food/drink on-board and flight without Luggage. Budget airlines are a great way to save big bucks. Always keep in mind before booking cheapest flights, do proper research, be adjustable and read all the requirements & restrictions of budget airlines. Use social media and budget airline official sites to keep updated about the deals and special offers. 

Check the currency to pay

Before booking a flight checks your currency with around world currencies ad if your currency is stronger than other countries currency then look for those countries which have weaker currencies. As we all know Dollar is the most stronger currency and New Zealand currency is the weaker currency. For instance, if you find a ticket, Australia to NYC of $1500 and the same ticket searched on the NZ version of the airline of $600 USD with the same amenities then book with NZ version airlines. Keep in mind that this tip did not work for all the airlines all the time but it’s worth a try. 

Book earlier for confirm date 

If you know that you have to go somewhere for a particular date or fixed date then you can buy airline tickets before 2 months. So that you can enjoy the cheapest flight and their amenities. You can save big amount of money if you book far ahead for fixed dates. 

Remember Some Key Points

Before buying cheap plane tickets always keep in mind these bullet points to make your purchase cheaper:

  • Use the correct travel search engine to find and book discount airline tickets.
  • Always search in incognito mode of your browser for consistent pricing.
  • Don’t wait for any sale or reducing the price of seats.
  • Buy flight tickets in bulk if possible.
  • Compare flight prices vai various flight search engines before buy plane tickets.
  • Try to get more reward points for a free flight.

So, Keep the above-discussed points in your mind when you want to book cheap air flight tickets. Earn and save big bucks with these tips and tricks and enjoy your low-cost airfare.

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