Best Flight Booking Sites to Book Cheap Flight Tickets in 2019

.If you are planning to travel all the way, you are probably searching for the best deal, correct? It is always a tedious task of choosing the right flight booking sites to book your airfare. You will certainly get confused about a lot of websites that guarantee you to book cheap flight tickets in the best possible ways.

In this blog, we guide you to explore the top search sites for airline tickets where you can compare and can get the best pick in the pocket.


Definitely, one of the best flight booking sites that can draw tour attention to find cheap flight tickets is to go to Momondo. It is a top website which specializes in booking the best international flights. According to a recent study, 95% of its customers have found its deals to be successful, based on their satisfaction.

Momondo provides the best deals based on the current trend of the airlines and the feature of shifting dates so that you can save a lot on your money. Its price tracker and filtering options also make it a worth among the travelers.


Another site for booking the cheap flight tickets is the trustworthy Expedia site. Operated since the 1990s, the site is making its presence felt even today in terms of getting the best deals for your air travel.

Expedia provides exciting reward points for the customers, who can earn miles on the flights. Expedia also gives you the guaranteed value on your flight booking price. While booked through Expedia, another factor is the amount of flight booking price that is specialized to not exceed the other air travel sites.


Priceline is a site designed to truly focus on your desired price on air travel. The site is more popular for its famous opaque booking in which it provides a lot of interesting discounts. In opaque booking, Priceline hides many details until you complete the booking process.

Priceline is dedicated to providing the price of your flight that can match the lowest possible amount based on your flexibility. Priceline has a special reputation for keeping the airline fares competitive across the other platforms.


Orbitz is another platform for booking your cheap Airline tickets. With its own reward point system. Its attractive Orbucks is what it makes a foremost choice among a lot of flight junkies. Orbucks are actually the reward points which you can earn by booking your vacations through Orbitz. These Orbucks can be redeemed to book hotels that can ultimately save your money.

The most notable specialty of Orbitz is the money it will refund to the visitor if he/she finds the lower price on another site.


Agoda is another popular search site for flight tickets. Come as a part of Priceline, Agoda provides you with a simple search for the deal on your flight tickets with limited filter options.

Although Agoda is not specialized in providing you the best offers on airline tickets, it is still considered to be a valuable option. The notable thing about Agoda is that it supports multiple languages. When it comes to the best of Agoda, It caught much of the attention of the visitors if they are looking for accommodations in the apartment or private villa.


For the past 20 years, Hotwire is really a hot spot for air travelers. The site provides you with the best deal when you are looking to find cheap flights in conjunction with the best of the hotels.

In Hotwire, just simply follow the steps of putting the departure and arrival destinations as well as the date and time of your travel. After that, you will be able to access the lowest flight ticket fares. Interestingly, you can find the combo pack of Hotwire is worthier than booking the flight and hotels separately.


Skyscanner is another flight search site dedicated to booking the cheap airfares. The tool provides a much relevant and economical search based on the flexibility of your travel.

If you do not have a specific destination in your mind for traveling, just try Skyscanner as it can fetch the cheapest destination based on the date you choose. Just simply select everywhere in its search box. But it is also an equivalent site to find out the best deal with a specific destination to go for air travel.


Airwander is another flight search tool that comes with the specialty of stopovers. The concept of stopovers is nothing but just more destinations you can opt to travel.

Just add more destinations you prefer to go in its destination box along with your departure airport, travel date. The site then provides you with the calculated result showing the stopovers or destinations with the details of prices and their differences. The concept of Stopovers is not new to the potential air travelers who know the benefit it provides on airline miles and points.


Travelocity is yet another site for booking your airline tickets. While having compatibility with the other flight booking sites in providing much of the features such as price match guarantee, the tool also encourages travelers by providing a $50 coupon for their next flight booking or hotels rated by Travelocity.

But this guarantee comes with a condition by reserving your cheap ticket through the American Website within 24 hours of your booking. If your tour itinerary is rather flexible than Travelocity could be the one to look out for.

Google Flights

Google Flights are a very well known, common, and of course, a very popular search site for your cheapest airline ticket needs. The site is specialized in providing the best possible and Moreover, economical flights from the world of Airline booking sites.

In addition to providing the current price trends and the altered tickets based on the tour package, it also lets you know the fairs of a certain route. This feature comes with the pop-ups as the price alerts from which, you can choose the lowest ticket for your destination.


Kiwi is another notable website for booking your cheap airline tickets. It operates on a variety of airlines and can provide you with the cheapest ticket based on their collection of tour itineraries.

All you can do is search for a wide variety of dates and destinations until you find the lowest flight ticket. In case your flight is missed or your flight is getting delayed, Kiwi can provide you the assurance of rescheduling your flight or just refund your ticketing price. Potential Air travelers having the flexible tour itinerary find Kiwi among their preferred choices.


Operating since 2007, Vayama is another flight searching sight that can be looked like a useful tool to find the best prices on your air travel. Although not much known around, it can be a good medium of exploring through its interesting features.

On Vayama, you can alter your schedule by shifting a few days less or more to know if it suits your tour budgetary needs. To make the most, just click on the graph tab or alter the duration of the journey to see if the price changes according to your deed.


Hopper is a very popular app designed to fulfill the requirement of air travelers to find the cheapest flight tickets based on the prediction of the appropriate time to buy. To your excitement, it tends to provide a reasonable 40% discount on airline tickets.

Just navigate through its detailed map and user-friendly interface to explore the cheapest time to travel. Set the price alerts so that you can get the regular updates on price on a certain date and time of travel. If you have a flexible travel schedule, just set the alerts for the entire month.

Flight Network

Flight Network is a Canadian search tool developed with the effort of giving you the best possible deal on your airline tickets.

In “Flight Network”, if you find out the lowest compatible price on your flight in one of it advertises, it will refund the price difference. Apart from the Price Drop protection, Flight Network also provides VIP Promo codes after signing up to its portal.


The best of the cheap airline ticketing comes with the famous Skiplagged website. The site has a reputation of providing you the most cheap flight price based on the cutting edge focus on the current trends.

Air travelers of both the domestic and international itineraries have benefitted from this site who got the best lowest price on flights. The basics are that it analyses the airline ticketing to a good effect to get the cheap flight tickets with the concept of layovers.

For example;

If you want to go from Destination A to B, then it ultimately finds the lowest ever price from A to C with layover B. Here layover B means your desired destination.


There is so much competition that comes in the airline ticket market due to the emergence of many compatible Flight Booking Sites and travel apps. Although you can find the best among them, some uncertainty levels exist.

A lot depends on the type of tour you opt for, but our suggestion is to make your itinerary flexible. So that, you can have chances of not getting your pocket lightweight.

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