How to Set Up and Use Google Flight Alerts

Google Alert is a super simple tool to use. A Google Alert is a customized google search that is going to automatically send search results directly to you. So think, when someone mentions your brand name or specific phrases, you are going to get an alert for that.

There are 3 things you need to know about Google Alert:

  • If you don’t use Google Search operators, your inbox will likely get filled with tons of irrelevant results.
  • Google does not send content that has already been published. They are only gonna send you new content alerts.
  • Google does not send you every page that’s in their index.

This article is all about the power of Google Flight Alerts and we will also be going to let you know how to set up Google flight alerts and how to track flight prices using Google Alerts so you will always know when the flight prices goes up or goes down. So come on, let’s get after it.

How To Create Google Alerts

Google Alerts are updates sent to your Gmail account when Google matches on the web for terms you want to stay informed.

First thing you have to do is to make sure that you are already signed in to your Google Account either by having your Gmail open or signed in to your Youtube account or anything else that google owns because you need that in order to set up your Google Alerts.

Setting up these Google Alerts is easy and can be done by following these steps:

  • Sign In to your Gmail Account
  • In the top navigation, click on more and then scroll down and click even more.
  • Once you reach the product page scroll down to specialized search and Click on alerts.
    • You can also head over to Google and Search Google Alerts.
    • Click on the first link of Google Alerts
  • Let Google know the search term you want to be updated on
  • Say how often you want to receive these alerts in your inbox.
  • Select Sources of what type of content alerts you want.
  • Choose your language preference.
  • Select Region from which you want alerts.
  • Choose how many which act as a quality filter preference.
  • Tell Google where to send them and then deliver to menu. This feature can be useful if you have a Gmail account that you use exclusively for clients or if there is an alternative address you would like your alerts sent to.
  • Click on create alerts and you are done.

Now, any time a webpage matches to your search query, Google will send you an email notification.

How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts

As we all know Google Flight has a marvelous price alert feature through which you can find a cheap flight ticket. When you did not find any cheap flight ticket or any reasonably priced seats for your trip then you will prefer to buy a plane ticket to save your money. That’s why we will let you know how you can save a big amount and get a comfortable seat by using Google Flights price alerts.

You can use Google Flight Alerts to track prices for flights which helps you to find out the best time to book a flight. When Google finds the best results or any drop in prices then you will get a notification as an email.

Now we will let you know how you can set up google flight alerts.

Fill your Flight details

To get to know about cheap flights, firstly you have to head on Google Flight. After that, Choose Round trip, number of passengers, type of class and then Enter your departure airport and destination airport details.

head on Google Flight : Google Flight Alerts

Fill your Flight details : Google Flight Alerts

Select Your Dates of route

After providing origin and destination airport, your date of travel or flight and then click on Done button. Google Calendar is helpful for you to find the current cheapest dates if the date of travel is flexible. After applying the travel dates click on Search button.

Select Dates of route : Google Flight Alerts

click on Search button : Google Flight Alerts

Hit the Toggle on “Track Prices” Button

On the left below the search tab, you can see “Track prices” toggle button. Just hit the toggle on button “Track Prices” to track flights which satisfy to your search details. Now, you will be notified by Google when there is a drop or any changes in flight prices.

Hit Toggle on Track Prices Button ; Google Flight Alerts

Click on “View All”

When you click on “Track Prices” toggle then you can see a “View all” link appear at the bottom of the page. Click on “View all” link and see all the flights which you want to track.

Click on View All : Google Flight Alerts

See all the Tracking Flights

It will show you the details of the flight prices increment and decrement. You can see the flight price range over the days. Google will also notify you right before when flight prices predicted to be high.See all the Tracking Flights  : Google Flight Alerts

Check Your Email

If Google found any change in the prices then you will get an email as an alert. You can check your mail continuously and don’t have to spend your all day to check flight prices drop.

Check Your Email : Google Flight Alerts

Google will send you email notifications in two situations:

  • When flight prices are likely to go up
  • And Flight prices will expire soon and the new price is likely to cost more.

You can also set up an alert and track flight prices via the Google mobile app too.

How to Turn off Email Alerts from Google Flight Alerts

After returning from the tour or trip, Some people don’t want email notifications further of Google Flight Alerts. In that case, you can stop your tracked flights of Google Flight Alerts and turn emails off. Just follow the below-given procedure and you will be able to do this easily.

head on Google Flight : Google Flight Alerts

  • In the top left, click on triple line menu and then click on Tracked flight prices.

click on triple line : Google Flight Alerts

click on Tracked flight prices : Google Flight Alerts

  • Now, click on top right navigation and hit the toggle off button “Notifications” to stop the Email notifications of tracked flights.

click on triple line menu

hit the toggle off button Notifications : Google Flight Alerts

You can also try another method in which open any email notification and click on “Unsubscribe From Emails” if you don’t want email alerts further.

Unsubscribe From Emails : Google Flight Alerts

To stop tracking a route or flight, you have to click on Remove button.

How Google Flight Alerts are Helpful

Google Flight Alerts enables to track the flight fare which helps to be savvier. You can track the flight details via email notification directly on your inbox. So that you don’t have to spend your all day on the web to check the flight prices goes up and down.

  • Told about the drop in flight prices.
  • You can find out the Best time to book flights.
  • Save lot of money.
  • Save lot of time means you don’t have to spend your all day on checking flight prices.
  • Get notification related to prices via Email and SMS.

Final Thoughts

Google Flight Alerts tool helps to track flights prices which enables you to find the best time to book a cheap flight ticket and save a lot of money. Google Flight Alerts notify you if the price of a flight will likely increase. If you use any other tool which is similar to Google Flight alerts and saves a lot more then let us know by commenting below.


Ques: How do I set an airfare alert?

Ans: You can set up airfare or flight price alert by following steps to Set Up Google Flight Alerts. Using airfare alert you can track your flight prices when it goes up and down. And then you will book your best possible cheap flight tickets.

Ques: How does Google flight work?

Ans: Google flight allows you to book cheap flights using Google flight alerts. You just have to search your destinations and then get the best airfares of your particular search. Google Flights is a search engine, not an OTA. So when you want to book a flight through Google Flights it will redirect you to the airline’s official website where you have to provide the personal and payment details. Get more about Google Flights.

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