How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets on Google Flights {Complete Guide}

How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets on Google Flights

As we all know everyone wants to save money while paying for anything and don’t want to pay high but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Same for airline tickets, nobody wants to pay higher amount for flight tickets at the last minute flight booking. So the question is how you can find cheap flight tickets without spending so much time on searching.

Google Flights is only the solution to get cheap flights without searching every airline individually because it has some advanced features to make search more reliable.

Now, Google flights have become the single most powerful flight searching tool on the web today. Almost all kinds of deals which send by different OTA’s can be found on Google flights.

Features of Google Flights

Google Flights has lots of features which ease the searching for cheap flights. Google Flights is not a booking website but it is a search engine. To book your travel you have left Google Flights and migrate to particular OTA.

Google Flight helps you to find the best possible flights according to your budget and travel preferences. Its Tools and Features makes it a powerful search engine which is helpful to get cheap and best results. Here is some list of best features of google flights which makes your travel cheaper.

Price graph

Price Graph is a feature of Google flights which allows comparing flight prices. When you search for a flight between two destinations the price graph tool will appear next to Date Grid. After clicking on “price graph” it shows the data on flight prices of two destinations over a period of time. If you are flexible for dates then you can choose your best price date for that particular trip. You can also use “+” “-”button on the price graph tool to add and delete the days to stay during the trip.

Now let’s find out how to How to Use Google Flights to get cheap flight tickets.

How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

Google flights is a powerful, fast and comprehensive search engine which provides lots of options such as Search Multiple Cities, Search Multiple Dates etc. to make the searching easy. It helps to find the best possible cheap flights according to your budget and preferences. So let’s get a deep dive into how to Book cheap flight tickets using Google Flights.

1. Enter departure and arrival details on Google Flights

To book cheap flight tickets from Google Flights you have to visit Google Flights website and then provide details of your departure and arrival locations. You can enter more than one departure and arrival locations. For Example,

Enter the departure location code and also put nearby airports location code such as CLT, DFW, BUF, PDX, SEA. It is advised that always be sure to check your codes because if you just mess up on one letter ou could be searching from a completely different country. You also have to remember that you can only put seven locations or airports in each box and should also be separated by a comma.

Just as with the departure you can choose up to seven different airport codes for the destination. Let’s suppose enter LIM, SCL, BOG, GRU, EZE.


CLT stands for charlotte,

DFW stands for Dallas,

BUF stands for Buffalo,

PDX stands for Portland,

SEA stands for Seattle.

LIM stands for Lima

SCL stands for Santiago

BOG stands for Bogota

GRU stands for Sao Paulo

EZE stands for  Buenos

2. Choose Departure and Return Date on Google Flights

To find a cheap flight you should have to choose a cheap date. You have click on the departure date box and then you can see the 2 months date list with prices as you can see in below example:

Google Flights only show those months which you want to select in the calendar. Google Flights also has a feature that it shows the green color for the cheap dates which helps to determine cheap flights easily. It is also possible that in future months these flights can be cheaper which you can find by scrolling right arrow of google flight calender.

After choosing the Dates you will get a list of Best departing flights and Other departing flights. Google Flights shows the best top and cheap flights in Best departing flights section. Apart from that, you can also look at Other departing flights if it matches your schedule.

Google Flights shows all flights in local time. If you find any flight which has arrival time +1 that means this flight will arrive next day and same as for +2 means flight arrives after 2 days.

3. Use filters to find your specific Flight

Everyone knows the basic functions of Google Flights. Apart from basic functions, Google flights have various filters which save lots of time to find best and cheap results. There are tons of filters which allows you to book a cheap flight possible. Now lest dive into these filters of Google Flights and filter out the unnecessary results.

3.1 Types of Trips

You can use this filter at the time of choosing departure and arrival location. Use any of 3 options as per your convenience.

3.1.1 Round trip

Round Trip is the by default option has been set in Google Flights. Through this option, you can book your departure and return both flights. You have to choose both departure and return dates. Flight prices are shown of both flights departure and return as you can see below.

3.1.2 One way

If you choose one way option that means you want to book only departure flight. For that, you only have to choose the departure date. Prices of flights will be shown only for departure flights.

3.1.3  Multi-city

Multi-City allows you to plan a trip of different destinations. You can travel a whole world by using this feature of Google Flights. You can add up to 5 separate trips in Multi-City option according to your budget and preferences. Multi-City won’t show you the cheapest day to fly so you have to enter the travel date manually. Price shown on Google Flights is the total price of the entire trip.

Google Flights takes out the best and cheap prices for every trip and add them up. You have to choose each flight for every trip and then book them with their particular airline website.

3.2 Number of Passengers

If you are planning a family trip then you have to provide the details of your passengers. You can easily book a family trip with Google flights in which you just have to add the number of passengers in the following sections. You cannot add more than 9 passengers in a family trip booking.

3.2.1 Adults

You can add a maximum of 9 adults at a time. You just have click on + button to add on adults in passengers section.

3.2.2 Children Aged 2-12

Google Flights allows only 9 Children who have Aged between 2-12 years. You just have click on + button to add on Children Aged 2-12 in passengers section.

3.2.3 Infants In seat

Google Flights allows at least one adult per two infants In seat. More than 2 infants In seat with one adult are allowed. You can click on + button to add on Infants In seat in passengers section.

3.2.4 Infants On lap

To book a family trip, you are only allowed at least one adult per infant in lap. More than one infant in lap is not allowed with one adult.  You just have click on + button to add on Infants On lap in passengers section.

3.3 Types of class

Airline generally offers 4 types of classes such as First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. Difference in these classes is the cabin configuration and quality of services provided by the airlines. You use this filter to get the best and comfortable flight according to your budget.

3.3.1 Economy – Economy class is also known as coach class or travel class which includes basic accommodation and basic services which are commonly purchased by travelers.

3.3.2 Premium Economy – Better than Economy class which includes lots of distance between rows of seats and seats may be wider than economy class.

3.3.3 Business – Business class also called as an executive class which has high-quality amenities and this class is traditionally purchased by business travelers.

3.3.4 First Class – First Class is the most expensive class which includes all the comfortable amenities and accommodations.

3.4 Number of Stops Filter

Google Flights also provide a filter to choose the number of stops between your tour or trip. You can choose the stoppage as per your preferences whether you want nonstop flights only or you are comfortable with any number of stops. Google find the results according to your choice whether you have chosen from below given options:

  • Any number of stops
  • Nonstop only
  • 1 stop or fewer
  • 2 stops or fewer
3.5 Duration filter

Google Flights has a Duration filter which enable to set the duration you want to spend in the air. Let’s suppose you want to book a flight ticket New York to Los Angeles and you don’t want to spend more than 20 hours in the air. For that, you have to click on “More” and set the duration for which you are comfortable.

3.6 Time filter

You can set your time of flying with Google Flights. Adjust the hours according to your schedule and preferences and then google will show the results. You can set your departure and arrival time for your departure and return flight both.

3.7 Connecting Airport and Layover Duration Filter

Google flights also allow filtering your Connecting Airport and Layover Duration. Through which you can choose the airport you want to connect in and the layover duration.

3.8 Airlines Or Alliances

If you are loyal to a particular Airline or you want to book with the partner flight with a certain alliance then you can choose your airline or alliance. If you have points/status with a particular airline and using a credit card with the certain airline you will get points then this option will be a great way to earn points.

You just have to click on dropdown of Airlines and select your airline and alliance. Then Google flights will show you the results of the particular network.

3.9 Price filter

Google flights also have the provision to search and find the flights according to your budget. You can choose cheap flights on the basis of your budget and preferences. You just have to click on the price drop down and adjust the price within your budget then Google Flights will do the rest.

3.10 Bags Filter

When you search for a flight you know that how many carry bags you will bring. Based on that you can use the Bags Filter to find the cheap flight which included fees for each bag. In airlines, passengers are only allowed 2 carry-on bags. When you apply bags filter it does not remove any flights from the results it only updates the prices of flights.

4. Book flights on Google Flights

After choosing a departure flight you have to also choose a corresponding return flight if you have selected a roundtrip fare which is shown as below image:

If you want to change departure flight then you have to click on your chosen departure flight which is shown on the upper left side.

Note: The Prices will be shown in Google Flights has included taxes and its a price of the entire round trip if you have chosen a round trip from the filter.

As we all know Google Flight is a search engine for flights, not an online travel agency (OTA). Google Flight does not sell flight tickets to the customers it only helps to find a cheap flight ticket form the list of flights. Google can’t allow booking a flight ticket it redirects you to the airline official website to book a flight directly.

When you choose your return flight then you can choose the Fare options in which you can select Basic Economy or Main Cabin. The difference in Basic Economy or Main Cabin and main cabin fare is given below:

Basic Economy Main Cabin
No any charges Charge Extra $71
No seat selection Free seat selection
Standard seat Extra legroom available for a fee
Standard boarding Priority boarding for a fee
No ticket changes Ticket changes for a fee
1 free bag can carry 1 free bag can carry
1st checked bag: $60 1st checked bag: $60

After choosing preferred Fare options you can book your flight by clicking on Select. After that, you will be redirected to the airline website checkout page where you have to provide your personal and payment details.

How Google Flight Better than Other OTA

  • Google flight is super fast and the results pop up almost instantaneously whereas with other flight search engines you could be waiting from 10 to 30 seconds for your results to appear.
  • It’s also powerful with tons of customization to help people find the best flight possible.

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