Best Travel Apps for iPhone to Plan Trip and Use on Trip

Best Travel Apps for iPhone to Plan Trip and Use on Trip

A trip does not always end to happiness when back to home. Every time it cannot be an amazing trip with your friends and family. Sometimes it converted into a nightmare for you, your friends and your family if it does not planned properly in advance. Even if you for a small vacation in your city or country it also can be a painful memory if does not planned well.

We are glad that there ar number of free and paid iPhone and iPad apps which helps to plan an entire trip at very low cost. You do not have to depend on any travel agent and maps which provides you sometimes wrong details and you have to face hurdles.

During travel, Your iPhone can be a partner for you which helps to enjoy your trip without any hassle. All you have to do to install some Applications and then use them to plan your trip and also help out to get correct information about the locations and destination places.

Using amazing Travel Apps for iPhone you can book cheap flight tickets, cheap hotel accommodations, Track your luggage, food delivered at your doorstep, translate any language into your language and also track your travel budget. So, use these iPhone Travel Apps to live every moment of your trip or tour.

Explore World with Best Travel Apps

when we want to book a ticket we only have thought of a travel agent.

But Why Travel agents?

When we have a smartphone like an iPhone then who needs a travel agent. Your iPhone can be a partner for you during the whole trip. Planning a proper trip can be very difficult but now it’s possible in minutes with the help of such necessary tools and apps that breeze our vacation to live every moment. You can get all the possible apps that you need at the time of travel and vacation from the app store and google play.

Travel Apps helps in Planning Trips

A proper plan of a trip makes your vacation stressfree, especially in the summer season. We are very lucky that we are in the era of mobile apps which helps us during the whole trip. There are lots of apps available from trip planners to online marketplaces for flights and hotels. You can get help from the travel apps anytime anywhere. There is a number of apps that are designed to help you at the time of urgency. So, just select your app and get into your phone while goes off to your next trip hasslefree.

Top Travel Apps for iPhone

Hotel and Flight Accommodation Apps


SkyScanner is an app which finds cheap flights tickets, hotels and rental cars. The SkyScanner App provides the most affordable and best options to their customers. You can get alerts when the prices of flights drops and cheapest dates to fly. It’s one-stop-shop to search and plan your trip with the best deals and this app does not apply any hidden charges. SkyScanner also has a category of Top Deals which includes a list of destination places where you can plan your trip if you don’t have any idea where you can go. You can track your flight status, bookings in the trips tab.


Kayak is a travel app which allows to explore different sites to get the best deals on flight tickets and hotel bookings which saves your lots of money such as private deals and fixed mobile-only rates. It gives you access to all the details of your booked flight, airport terminal, delays, gate changes, and baggage claims, etc. This app can also be sync with the apple watch and can also be used in the offline mode to access the itinerary details and maps.

Kayak provides you best deals which you did not find on any other site and also set a price alert to track your flight prices. You can also Price Forecast to analyze and find cheap flight tickets. Kayak also provides the details related to your hotels such as hotel confirmation number or gate number.  You can also connect or sync your apple watch with Kayak app.

Kayak app compares 1000s of websites and shows you the best results and rates related to your query. Kayak is a secure and trusted app which helps to enjoy your trip very easily.


Hopper is the best travel app which provides the cheapest possible price for a plane ticket. You can easily decrease the prices of your flight ticket and hotel booking. This app will also track flight and hotel rates and send you notifications when prices goes down. You can save at least 50$ by using Hopper App and also save time by booking flights in less than 60 seconds. You can find great deals and offers with this app.

Hopper claims that it analyze and track lots of flights and provides 40% on your next flight. This app also sends you a push notification to buy your tickets.


Airbnb has a distinctive option to get a vacation home during your trip and also have lots of tourism places. It is totally changed the traveling experience and makes easy to find your tourist destination and places. You can also book your vacation home to enjoy your trip hasslefree.

This app has multiple options as it has data of 4 millions home rentals of more than 190 countries and more than 34,000 cities. You can choose various options according to your budget and luxury criteria. You can also add these places into your itinerary list.

Airbnb App cuts out the hotel prices and offering it on cheaper prices and also provide you a space to stay in local or in a home. This app also has a feature which is known as trips which enable Experiences to enjoy during the stay. This experiences can be events which you want to do in your rental home. This app is a all in one app which plans your day, book a car and rental home, etc.

To use Airbnb yo just have to enter the location that you want to visit during your trip and then select a check-in and check-out date. Then you have to choose a number of guests which will be included during the stay. After that this app will show you the result of rooms and homes to rent as with local experiences. You can also filter such as home type, price, booking method, amenities and more to get the best results. If you find your choice then book directly through the app.

Hotel Tonight

If you love traveling and you travel very spontaneously then Hotel Tonight is made for you. You can book your place to stay at a very low-cost price even in the last minute. Hotel Tonight has a feature which provides offers and discounts on your chosen hotel rooms. This app has a list of hotels which compare the hotels in all categories and provides the best hotels at the cheapest rate.

You book your hotel before a minute week or a month and still get a discount or offer. The best part of this app is that offers a discount on a last-minute booking. You can book your hotel in 10 seconds with this app. You can also avail 24/7 customer service which is provided by Hotel Tonight experts. Hotel Tonight app has the feature of Daily Drop which offers a deal for every day.

At the End

So, which app you have selected as your partner or what is your favorite you install in your iPhone before going for a trip? Do let us know by commenting below. Do share it with your friends if you found out interesting Travel Apps for iPhone for your trip.

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